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Hi, from Ron & Julie and the Desert Home Page. We
and our sand rail and our dogs Ruger and Dakota ride in
the desert and the mountains during the year.  Ruger and
Dakota like to ride with us on the buggy, ATV, jeep or
any vehicle.   I have listed links here for all riding
enthusiasts: ATV, Sand Rail, Dune Buggy, Jeep,
Motorcycle and Snowmobile.... Click on Riding.

If you have suggestions for additional links to this site,
let me know.

The desert is a great place to ride, to meet people and
have fun with your friends. We advocate safe fun. Please
use appropriate safety gear. This is a great sport for
families because children can have just as much fun as
adults. Children can be broken so please make sure they
ride safely and wear chest protectors and helmets. Please
don't drink and drive.   Accidents happen just like in a
car only the hospitals are usually farther away.

Please follow the "what you carry in, carry out" rule.
Don't you just hate it when your favorite riding place has
broken beer bottles and cans laying around?

It is hard to go to the desert and NOT realize that we are
not alone in this Universe. We owe all this loveliness to
the ONE who created it all.
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God Bless You ALL, Let His Face Shine
Upon You and Grant You Peace.
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